Oxaceprol in the management of osteoarthritis

Efficacy and safety of Oxaceprol Vs NSAIDS or Placebo on Pain and Function of the Joint in Osteoarthritis

According to WHO, Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the 10th most disabling diseases in developed countries. Globally, about 9.6% and 18% of men and women, respectively, aged older than 60 years are diagnosed with symptomatic OA which affects up to 130 million people worldwide by 2050. Oxaceprol is an established drug for managing OA. Some interesting excerpts here:

  • Oxaceprol treatment numerically improves pain at rest (MD: 0.05; 95% CI: -0.42, 0.53) than diclofenac and ibuprofen and significantly improves than placebo (P=0.016)
  • Significant improvement in lequesne joint function index with combination of oxaceprol with CT (P<0.00001). ><0.00001).

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