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Evidence Synthesis

Our evidence synthesis services help obtain the most relevant evidence pertaining to a clinical question of your interest, identify evidence gap maps in order to arrive at more coherent and efficient outcomes.

Molecular Connections (MC) optimizes clinical research and assists discoveries empowered with real-world evidence (RWE). We combine the real-time accessible longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to answer the complex research questions, using dynamic approaches.

Our delivery models are designed to present the evidence synthesis outputs in compatible formats, in order to present them as first-line therapies to medics and regulatory authorities such as FDA; to improve patient-derived outcomes, enable to predict better clinical research outcomes and prevent drug recalls and enable better decision making.

Our team has a sustained record of excellence in managing, designing, and executing RWE studies across multiple disease areas including, but not limited to, Cardio-metabolic, Dermatology, Hepatology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, and Respiratory research. Our evidence synthesis research methodologies are transparent and equipped with meticulously designed tools.

Why evidence synthesis or evidence table?

  • To keep pace with the growing scientific research data and literature
  • To keep yourself updated on the latest developments in your product categories, in terms of analyzing competitive business intelligence and have comprehensive information about your competing products and the endpoints of their interest
  • To resolve drug discovery dilemmas
  • To generate robust user-interface platforms and enhance the value proposition of your product
  • For better decision-making or framing research questions

To assist you in any or all of the above challenges, MC’s team of experienced professionals is at your service to provide the latest insights in the field of evidence synthesis.

Benefits of evidence synthesis

The process of generating clinical evidence by conducting clinical trials is expensive and time-consuming. Our cost-effective evidence synthesis services facilitate the comparison of treatments and their outcomes of interest in an organized manner. With the various evidence synthesis tools offered by MC, you can gather evidence on treatments, applications, safety, costs, and much more.

We assist in framing, planning, and executing the what-next questions and perform data extraction, data analyses, and data management to provide solutions in customized and user-friendly formats that can be easily integrated.

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