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Meta-analysis and Network Meta-analysis

MC offers meta-analysis (MA) services by using statistical methods to combine data obtained from systematic literature reviews (multiple study-sets) in order to improve estimates of the size of the effect and/or to resolve uncertainty when reports disagree. When the effect varies from one study to the next, our analysts identify the reason for the variation.

Network meta-analysis (NMA) developed by MC helps internal strategic decision-making, promotes the comparative efficacy or safety of an intervention of interest, provides inputs for economic models, and supports health technology assessment (HTA) submissions for external decision-makers.

MC also performs critical assessments of published NMA based on tools developed by ISPOR and NICE. These assessments help our clients to comprehend and/or promote the strengths and limitations of alternative approaches.

Our MA and NMA solutions enable:

  • Pooling out the relevant data from several trials that in turn increase the precision of the estimated treatment effect of an intervention
  • Eliminating bias as narrative reviews can be highly subjective and can lead to risk of bias – due to different experts providing different conclusions for the same set of clinical variables
  • Successful drug approvals by regulatory agencies
  • Evaluating limitless number of studies for outcome effect and the effect size, using statistical applications
  • Planning future treatment strategies and synthesize statistical evidences
  • Publications, for receiving grants by funding agencies and for drug approvals

Our potent analytical techniques can enable:

  • Statistical meta-analysis aimed at providing an elaborate picture of treatment success rates, variations in outcome measures, bias towards dosage, treatment duration, duration of the study
  • Development of work protocols that ensure to meet the end-to-end data encryption process
  • Development of feasible and highly efficient user interface systems towards finding solutions to prospective research questions


Our key strengths 


A multidisciplinary approach

We bring together a multidisciplinary team of experts which includes:

        • A set of exceptionally well-qualified medics and doctorates specializing in pharmacological research working along with a qualified pharma team who are specially trained to capture clinical evidence data
        • A skilled team of statisticians with expertise in various programming languages including R, Shiny
        • A development team capable of creating customized tools for data entry which can be seamlessly integrated into digitized evidence tables by incorporating software outputs from RevMan®, CMA; developing workflow solutions, database management and user interface engineering
        • Experienced librarians

With this highly efficient cross-functional team, MC is better positioned to help our clients bridge the functional needs of their own stakeholders, enabling us to build a more robust real world evidence strategy. MC tailors customized strategy based on deep understanding of current standard of care, the patient outcomes that are of significance to clinicians, payers and patients, and an understanding of the impact of emerging treatment or changes to the treatment guidelines for the specific patient population.


Robust framework and delivery models

    • MC has developed a robust framework that assists in determining the desirable insights for the various stakeholders and the specific data requirements.
    • Our experts work with our clients to retrieve the existing evidence, either through clinical research, within the public domain or other healthcare data sources
    • We identify the evidence gaps and provide insights to support decision-making
    • MC offers flexible stop-start point for addressing real world problems which includes search strategy generation, evidence synthesis, contemplating evidence gaps, quantification of data sets, data normalization, structured evidence synthesis data tables, disease epidemiology evidence synthesis, systematic literature review, meta-analysis, statistical support and data visualization
    • MC’s team of experts provide comprehensive analytical outputs staged on a user interface platform, using statistical applications, for a defined PICO
      1. Ability to create customized databases and data sheets for studies based on Treatment adherence, safety and efficacy outcomes for specific set of interventions
      2. Studies and treatment responses categorized from different geographical areas, different ethnicities, race
      3. Incidence/prevalence repositories for specific diseases
    • Generation of reports and dossiers expertly curated by our highly skilled scientific and medical writers
    • We provide access to technology that can provide analytics, data visualizations and support the creation of data lakes for structured and unstructured data

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