Systematic Literature Review Services

Synthesize a comprehensive scientific report from PICOS and research questions. We identify, evaluate and synthesize findings of relevant primary studies with high quality reviews.

Systematic Literature Review
Systematic Literature Review

Systematic Literature Review (SLR) involves systematic collection and review of articles pertaining to a specific set of parameters including patients, a specific disease area, a specific intervention and other secondary data, critically appraising and synthesizing evidence from these research studies. We offer to provide solutions that:

  • Identifies gaps in evidences and forecast treatment efficacies based on regression models
  • Includes broader array of search strategies and synthesize treatment/outcome evidence
  • Are essential evidences for informed policy making aimed at betterment of treatment quality assessment by healthcare providers
  • Helps to improvise the methodological transparencies from various studies, thus reducing the risk of bias
  • Creating a template for meta-analysis

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