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Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Pre-clinical studies

We enable Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis of Pre-clinical studies to prevent biased and delusive data generation and provide an impartial interpretation of research outcomes.

Pre-clinical studies (animal models) are important scientific tools which allow us to better understand the ethology and pathophysiological mechanism(s) of human diseases. The animal models also help in studying the safety profile of investigational new drugs (IND) in addition to efficacy parameters as well the mechanistic action(s) of IND. The evidence-based approach for conducting the systematic review and meta-analysis of pre-clinical studies provide robust evidence for better understanding the impact of human diseases and its consequences. It helps in framing confirmatory trial approach which can improve data intensity for therapeutic target validation in a clinical setting and at the same time throw light on the all possible mechanism of action(s) by which the IND acts in a specific medical condition.

Molecular Connections helps you through services including:

  • Strategic planning to design the study
  • Developing search strategy
  • Selecting studies for meta-analysis (evidence synthesis)
  • Systematic literature review
  • Manuscripts for peer review
  • Publication planning

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