At this stage, RWE studies can be used to understand real world treatment patterns, effectiveness of treatments, patient adherence and persistence to treatments, and risks of outcomes (as they may vary from that of clinical trials), and get approvals from regulators, demonstrate real world benefits for HTAs and payers, and gain leverage in pricing negotiations.

Medical Writing and Manuscript Services

Our services include medical writing for the data analyzed during clinical trials, literature screening, data extraction from multiple sources, customizing the extracted information and publication assistance and guidance from our expertise.

Analytics and
Insights Services

Customer engaging platform for clinically relevant data management. Services include formulating a search strategy, dynamic data analysis, real time data visualization and network analysis.


Early in the drug development RWE studies can be used to identify disease Epidemiology, Unmet needs, burden on both patients and the healthcare system, treatment patterns, and resource utilization. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers can use these insights to select clinical trial endpoints and target recruiting efforts.