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Data Analytics, Outcomes and Market Insights Services

We, at Molecular Connections provide end-to-end Data analytics, outcomes and Market Insights services that helps our end users to obtain reliable outcomes to gain perspective into pharmaceutical market research. These outcome reports can vary from understanding the needs of the target customers to deciphering the potential drug markets for newly launched drugs

Market Research Services in the pharma sector include, but are not limited to:

  • Market Access research
  • Problem and research objective definition
  • Research planning
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data and result interpretation
  • Reporting of findings

The goals of performing Market research with Molecular connections can serve the purposes of:

  • Deriving market insights • Identifying customer needs • Understanding competitive market landscape • Achieve compliance to regulatory authorities • Understand Patient, Physician and Pharmacist habits • Re-evaluate market research plans

Some of our most prominent services in this domain include:

  • Healthcare Payer and Provider Services involving, Claims Analyses, Patient data analytics, Prescriber analyses, Payer landscape analyses, Healthcare account analyses.
  • Healthcare Analytical Solutions that includes Claims Analyses, Patient Analyses, Provider Analyses and Payer Analyses yielding analytical reports on Prescription Rx, Procedure Px, Diagnosis Dx and Surgical Dx
  • Patient Analysis including, but not limited to APLDs, Patient Longitudinal Information, Analytical Outcomes that enable the understanding of:
    • Target Market
    • Treatment with Drugs
    • Adherence to treatment
    • Prescriptions Acceptance for a drug

Additional Services include:

  • Coordinate with the provider and patients to help payer beneficiaries receive access to the services they need while eliminating unnecessary costs in the process
  • US Healthcare claims data processing

Longitudinal Patient Data Services:

Longitudinal Patient data enables an efficient mapping of patient journeys, treatment pathways, and health outcomes that impact the critical decision making in planning of resources to pathway design, medicine/treatment optimization to disease management, commission of regulatory bodies to drug development.

Our analytics and outcomes-based services include:

  • Generating datasets consisting of observational real world data
  • Generation of detailed reports on patient journeys, analysis of diseases and treatment patterns provided to the patients, in a standard, customizable and cost-effect manner
  • Making reports on patient metrics, diagnoses and test outcomes with brand level treatment histories
  • Gathering and analyzing data on prescriptions, including, but not limited to, brand, type of molecule, drug forms, drug formulations, dosage, etc. which provide deeper insights into treatment protocols.
  • Provide in-depth understanding of pharma market at patient level and establish incidence and prevalence outcomes
  • Demographic profiles of treated patients with respect to their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disease co-morbidities, diagnosis, pathology, etc. are created
  • Generation of customized insights into market shares, profits, etc. dependent on treatment dynamics

Anonymous Patient Level Data:

Includes data collected anonymously from patients and is shared with target audience (pharma companies) to understand drug prescription patterns, potential markets, active prescribers, and so on. In general, this constitutes the lowest level of granularity of transactional patient data containing longitudinal prescription (LRx) and medical claims (Dx) data.

Our Services include:

  • Prescribers data analysis
  • Hospital claims data analysis
  • Medical claims data analysis
  • Generate estimates of penetration by product at an account level, by triangulating across different data sources to avoid potential for bias due to limited or unrepresentative samples.
  • Size account opportunity, through a scaling process that considers coverage at an account level.

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