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Search Strategy Formulation Services

Creating effective Search Strategies is made simple with our highly efficient and flexible Search Strategy Formulation. A complex research question can be broken down into a simplified PICO format – (P)opulation (I)ntervention (C)omparison and (O)utcome. We have a team of information specialists, well-versed in search strategies, which is dedicated towards performing strategic searches of databases and managing your references.

Systematic and strategic search strings are formulated to identify the maximum number of studies with highest level of significance to the research question and these studies can be further narrowed down.

Our approach provides a one-stop solution for search strategy facilitating electronic searches from heterogeneous literature databases listed below and to sort out the best level of evidence.

Medline® Contains journal citations and abstracts for bio-medical literature from around the world. This can be accessed through the PubMed® interface.
  EMBASE® A comprehensive biomedical and pharmacological bibliographic database of published literature designed to support information managers
  Cochrane Library A collection of high-quality, independent evidence to inform health-care decision-making. Six databases are available including the Cochrane database of systematic reviews and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials.
  CINAHL® An index of English-language and selected other-language journal articles about nursing, allied health, bio-medicine and health-care
  PsycINFO A database of abstracts of literature in behavioral science and mental health
  AMED Allied and complementary medicine database focusing on alternative treatments
  Grey literature Includes clinical trial registries, clinical study reports from drug manufacturer databases, non-indexed studies and company portals

We refer to one or more databases depending on the nature of molecule(s)/interventions/diseases of your interest and purpose of the literature screening. We also perform manual screening-based search, depending on customer requirements.

Search Strategy Formulation
Zeroing-in search terms Search iteration When to stop search?
  1. Supplied by the customer/generated by MC
  2. Search terms or phrases are identified from
    • A controlled vocabulary within a given database
    • Preliminary search results in a relevant database
    • Search strategies of relevant systematic reviews
  1. Develop search strategies
    • Identify appropriate search resources
    • Collect search terms
    • Apply search field qualifiers
    • Use methodology filters
    • Combine all search terms in a logical manner
  2. Refine search strategies
  1. Revise search strategies based on results
  2. When the last 2-3 searches in a database doesn’t show a significant number of new records

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