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PROSPERO Registration Services

PROSPERO Registration Services
PROSPERO Registration Services

Our PROSPERO Registration services offered:

Researchers are encouraged to register their review in PROSPERO when they start a systematic review and/or meta-analysis, and to record their progress.  Towards PROSPERO Registration, MC helps in:

  1. Designing prospective submission and publication of key information about the design and conduct of a systematic review
  2. Registering protocols for systematic reviews and meta-analysis to reduce the occurrence of bias and to promote transparency
  3. Outlining the planned analytical approaches (Bayesian, fixed or random effects; categorizing studies within a narrative synthesis)
  4. Exploring statistical heterogeneity and how any observed heterogeneity will impact the planned approach
  5. Planning sensitivity analysis
  6. Avoiding unintended duplication of the reviews
  7. Registering an update of a completed review

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